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Join Net|Zero|Now! And we make your electric vehicle tyre purchase carbon-neutral

Continental stands for safe, energy efficient and long-lasting tyres. When it comes to rolling resistance, we are pushing the limits to reduce CO2 emissions as well as extend the range of electric vehicles without compromising on grip and therefore safety. We know: The better the rolling resistance, the lower the energy consumption and the higher the range of electric vehicles.

And there’s more: if you buy Continental tires for your EV, we neutralize the CO2 backpack before and after use. Just sign up and make your purchase carbon-neutral at no extra cost.

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Our CO2 Commitment

We at Continental especially want to turn trends into opportunities. Our technologies not only make mobility more convenient and safer. They also make it more sustainable. For this reason, we at Continental have set the goal of achieving 100% carbon neutrality along our entire value chain by 2050 at the latest. Our energy efficiency of tyre production is already well above the current industry standard.

We continually invest in research and development to drive innovative technologies, alternative and sustainable materials, and environmentally friendly production processes. We support the electric vehicle revolution by ensuring that our broad range of tyres meet electric vehicle requirements, such as tyres with low rolling resistance. In this way, energy consumption in electric vehicles goes down while the range goes up. And we want to achieve even more together with our customers.

With Net|Zero|Now, our immediate action program to mitigate climate change, Continental offers you as E-vehicle owner or E-vehicle fleet-owner with ambitious sustainability targets the opportunity of achieving carbon neutrality for your business with Continental along the entire value chain. The focus here is on our products for emission-free vehicles. For this purpose, Continental works with recognized partners for high-quality and certified projects in ecosystem recovery and forestation.

So if you drive an electric vehicle and need new tyres, you can do even more for the environment. Purchase Continental tyres, sign up above and make your purchase carbon-neutral at no extra cost.

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· For the purchase of Continental tyres for electric vehicles, we offer to neutralize the CO2 backpack before and after use.

· We use our engineering expertise to constantly develop more sustainable solutions, such as finding greener alternatives to current raw materials.

· Our worldwide tyre plants continuously work to optimize energy consumption. As a result of years of intensive work, Continental consumed already 55% less water and 17% less energy than the industry average per metric ton of tyres produced in 2019. By 2030 we plan to reduce our absolute consumption by another 20% for energy (vs. 2018) and for water (vs. 2020).

· Since 2020, grid electricity purchased for Continental worldwide has been carbon-neutral thanks to the procurement of energy attribute certificates. Continental is a member of the RE 100 initiative that fosters renewable energy.

· By 2040, production of all Continental tyres will be carbon-neutral.

· By 2050 at the latest we will be completely climate-neutral along our entire value chain


You can find additional information about Net|Zero|Now here