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Our Net|Zero|Now initiative provides the option for our customer to neutralize the “CO2 backpack” of Continental. Continental would like to offer this to you as E-vehicle owner or E-vehicle fleet-owner for purchased Continental tires.

With Net|Zero|Now, Continental offers customers with ambitious sustainability targets the opportunity of achieving carbon neutrality for their business with Continental along the entire value chain. For this, the CO­2 backpack of a customer‘s business with Continental is neutralized through negative emissions (removals): from Continental‘s production and the entire supply chain to the point of sale and the end-of-life treatment of products.

What are Continental’s goals with Net|Zero|Now?

With Net|Zero|Now Continental enables its customers to operate in a carbon-neutral manner and to achieve an „immediate e­ffect“ through CO2 removals in pursuing long-term targets and decarbonization roadmaps. With Net|Zero|Now, Continental is actively contributing to the Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to limit the global temperature increase to a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius, or at best 1.5 degrees Celsius.


What does “net zero” mean?

For the carbon footprint, net zero means not emitting more CO2 than is removed from the atmosphere elsewhere. The neutralization is achieved through CO2 removals. With Net|Zero|Now the CO2 backpack of the selected business is identified, and negative emissions are generated in equal amounts. In this way, businesses can achieve „net zero“ and thus carbon neutrality by using Net|Zero|Now.

What exactly are removals and how does Continental select its “removal partners“?

Removals generate negative emissions – that means they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. A common neutralization measure, for example, is the planting of trees. Other options include ecosystem restoration and air capture technologies. Continental ensures that CO2 is effectively captured from the atmosphere by applying high standards and a detailed catalog of criteria when selecting neutralization partners. Criteria for the partner selection include having an internationally recognized label such as the Gold Standard or VCS. Neutralization is a necessary addition to CO2 reduction in order to achieve the climate targets within the set time frame.


How does the program work?

For each fiscal year, the “CO2 backpack” of the businesses included in the program is calculated. The neutralization is done through removals.


What is meant by Continental’s “CO2­ backpack”?

Continental‘s „CO2 backpack“ includes CO2 emissions from its own production, as well as emissions that occur along the value chain, including purchased goods, services, capital goods, logistics paid by Continental, business travel, employee commuting, fuel- and energy-related activities (not included in scope 1 or scope 2), waste, upstream, leased assets and the end-of-life treatment of products.


For clarity, Continental does not provide individuals the possibility to review the calculations or choosing removal measures for their individual case. Continental will provide details for the program in the sustainability report.