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We want to support our employees.


The Commercial Vehicle Tires business unit is growing. A new strategic direction as well as new technologies and products are paving the way for the future. Qualified and motivated employees are the decisive factor in actually being able to follow this path.  Diana Hoppe, Head of Human Relations (HR), gave an interview where she spoke about the business unit Commercial Vehicle Tires (CVT) as a global, attractive employer. 

Mrs. Hoppe, how do you hope to establish Commercial Vehicle Tires (CVT) as an attractive employer?

“Our employees believe the growth potential of Commercial Vehicle Tires  is just as interesting as its innovative strength, its range of technical applications, its challenging processes, and its variety of products. They also appreciate the flat hierarchies, enabling them to agree on issues quickly and effectively. This was revealed in international employee workshops, which we ran last year on the topic of CVT’s attractive features."

Considering that I am totally satisfied with my job in CVT, how can I further develop?

“We help our employees to improve their qualifications – both in terms of their management behavior as well as their technical, social, or methodical skills. There are also development programs to gain project experience and work across different functions. The goal is to help our employees to overcome possible concerns to do something completely different. Especially when we’re talking about future technologies, it’s important to think beyond tires as well. Continental has a lot to offer, because we are the only automotive supplier to offer tires and other technologies. Our employees need to try to understand new technologies, develop innovative products, and also look beyond their own horizons when it comes to tire technology.”

Is it possible to have a career not just within your actual profession?

“Here at CVT, we will pay more attention to ensuring that we build on individual, even cross-functional, career paths in order to enable employees to gain a wider range of qualifications. I won’t learn how to think innovatively if I’m always doing the exact same job. In the best case scenario, employees will have worked in another division, been abroad – be it within the corporation or before joining Continental – and have had another job. A career doesn’t just mean making your way to the top – it’s also about growing in terms of range and responsibilities. The important thing to keep in mind is that every career path is individual. And please keep in mind that we are not “just” a tire manufacturer but a leading automotive supplier worldwide. Based on the entire portfolio of Continental we can offer a wide range of perspectives beyond tires, centered around future technologies.”

Aren’t language skills important as well?

“Absolutely! Since CVT is a global business, English skills have gained more importance. Although English is already spoken in a number of areas, not all employees have the English skills they need. As soon as employees want to make a move toward central roles or international projects, this proves to be difficult without English. So we are increasing the emphasis on making profound English skills a requirement when hiring a new employee. In addition, more training sessions will be offered to help employees to improve their English skills in the future."